What Does Being Sexy Mean to You?

June 25, 2021

What does “sexy” mean to you? Is it in the beholder’s mind, or is it just someone else’s opinion? Can a person be sexy without being defined as sexy by others, or should an observer think that person is sexy?

How do you think most guys would react if supermodel Gisele Bundchen walked down the street in nothing but a bikini? I’m sure there will be horrendous reactions, salivating and tongue-wagging from most of them, or make them all. However, this didn’t just happen when she was wearing a bikini because even if she were only wearing jeans and a T-shirt, she would get the same reaction. Have you ever wondered why some women affect the male population while others don’t?

What does it mean to be sexy?

Sexiness for some women seems to have been attached. A strand of their hair, a sway of their hips, a mischievous glance over their shoulder, and Romeo’s whistling and blowing their horns of praise. Is it genetic, or is there some gene or hormone that needs to be increased in a woman’s body to look sexy? Is this some nurturing versus a natural thing? You know what, one can learn to be a “Gisele Bundchen” even if she is not born with much of the same charm.

I asked some guy friends around to tell me what they think is sexy in a woman to help me figure out if a person needs to have the “sexy” gene to be considered sexy. A friend said it’s all about attitude. Confident, independent, and charming women are sexy, as are women who know what they want and how to get it but can be feminine at the same time. According to other friends, healthy hair (preferably shoulder-length to long) and a healthy body (not necessarily skinny like a model) are also counted. Dressing well adds to a woman’s allure, which means dressing appropriately for the occasion without any makeup.

What’s more important, being sexy or being beautiful?

Most women have even perfected the art of applying makeup to look seductive in the eyes of the opposite sex, but they fail to dress up that part. More often than not, they tend to go overboard, making them seem awkward and fake. They usually become what I would call “fashion victims.” Unsurprisingly, most men and I agree that this is not and will never be sexy at all. I’ve seen women in every way of dressing that I find very sexy regardless of their outfits. I’ve even seen naked women who aren’t any sexier than women in sweaty clothes, which are very sexy.

I don’t think being sexy has much to do with just looks or beauty because while beauty is attractive, beauty itself isn’t sexy. Many women try to be sexy but fail because this cannot be practiced or faked. In my opinion, being sexy is more than just one’s appearance or body. Being sexy means being confident and positive, smart and proud of being who you are, and being in control of your life.