Is Sexiness inherent in some people?

June 11, 2021

Is sexiness part of some people’s DNA? No, are you serious?

Widespread evidence suggests that both men and women form “sexy” schemas according to media and fashion stereotypes about Sexiness. They first look for men and women who fit media stereotypes and fashion models because that is called Sexiness; then they start to realize that that’s not where Sexiness is.

Then where is the sexy? But before we get to that, where’s the Sexiness?

Not in good looks: Some people are indeed born more handsome than others, and that fact makes them more visible compared to those of us who were not born with great looks. But study after study shows that hot people are no more handsome or better dressed than average-looking people. Sexiness goes beyond conventional good looks and certainly goes beyond Prada and Amani. Some beautiful and well-dressed people can be performers, but they are hardly “sexy.”

Not trying too hard Sexiness is something you either have or don’t have. Trying too hard to be sexy can be the least sexy thing, especially if it’s unnecessary out there. If it looks like you spent hours on it or if you’re working too hard, it can look like flat details on a painting—done precisely with no added value. It’s the easy, easy indifference with which truly sexy people achieve their Sexiness that makes them sexy. They never try to be sexy; they are just sexy.

No second-guessing. Regardless of whether you have good looks or not, if you don’t believe deep down that you are “sexy,” you are not. You can pose for a real or imagined “camera” (hey, look at me, I’m trying to look sexy, but I feel like crap), but if you pose to look sexy, it’s not sexy.

Not in age-They say beauty thins, but Sexiness increases with age. As you’ll see below, much of what makes us sexy is how we communicate our confidence and inner youth to others. You can fool some people at a time, but you can’t fool everyone all the time. Attempting to trick people into believing you are younger than you only makes you seem less confident in your inner beauty, which is your inner youth.

If Sexiness isn’t in any of the usual suspects, what is it about some people that we can’t help but be attracted to their magic, even if only in small doses?

Let’s take a look at just ten wild qualities these people possess, qualities that intrigue us, that seem to call us by name and mock us with fantasy…

1. naughty look: an expression of joy and laughter in the eyes. They have a touch of wild mischief under their omniscient gaze, a window to the soul.

2. Sophisticated mysteriousness-elegant yet edgy, rugged yet refined, friendly yet reserved. They have a kind of “charming ignorance” or “dissonance” that keeps our “curious” minds restless.

3. Unconcerned vulnerability—like a carefree little child without fear. They put themselves out there partly because they feel safe enough to be themselves.

4. Confident self-assurance—basic self-assurance in one’s skin. They step into a room convinced that their aura compels us to pay attention to them.

5. Wit and humor—wise, funny, and giving of their time and presence. They can entertain worldly situations and experiences.

6. Luxurious Sensuousness—a unique blend of exhilarating pleasure and passionate soulfulness. They are immersed in every part of the depth and richness of their existence.

7. Physical fitness, resources, and abilities are all indicators of health and abundance. Whatever they have, they are satisfied, making it look like they have a lot.

8. Sincere sincerity: authenticity, simplicity, openness. They show strong and authentic emotions and affection.

9. Unusual vitality—passion, intensity, drive, and reflection—expresses both inner fire and desire. They are positively filled with a genuine appetite for life and life.

10. Human warmth: kindness, compassion, approachability. They are attracted to other people and withdraw from themselves.

The good news is, these are all qualities we all have within us – some in smaller quantities than others. The good news is that it is not difficult to develop these qualities to a fully developed level. Built-in light? Hmm, in this case, we can say Sexiness is in everyone’s DNA.


Once you start manifesting one quality, it will cause another to follow, then another and another. I’ve seen men and women turn out to be so sexy (without plastic surgery) that I’m like, “You’re Hot! Where Are You From? “

Christine akiteng is an internationally renowned sexual/dating trust coach and author of e-Books: The Art of Seducing Out of Fullness, Breaking A Bad Relationship Pattern, and Playing Hard-To-Get The Love Way.